A 10mm Resistance Fighter held next to a 28mm Wizard

Since a few months into the pandemic, I've spent nearly all of my miniature wargaming hobby time concentrating on Dropzone Commander, but that content is scattered to the winds on Discord and Facebook and dead forums and in private messages. This is the start of my attempt to collect everything, my notes and pictures and thoughts on the game, in one persistent navigable location.

I intend to publish Battle Reports with pictures and musings on the efficacy of rules and units.

I intend to publish modeling and painting journals detailing what tricks and techniques I've found and showcase the models I'm most proud of or most in need of help with.

I intend to document the divergent houseruled version of the game I'm working on that both preserves what made the original special while streamlining it in terms of play time without gross ambiguities and typos nor undermining the heart of the game.

I intend to write about far more than Dropzone, and regret the name, or perhaps memory hole it and bacronym YADZCB into something more generic.