Battle Report, Resistance vs PHR vs Shaltari, 1500pt, 'Orbital Laser'

2022-04-10 Resistance / Shaltari / PHR / BatRep / Dropzone /

The Concept

Ty found an Orbital Laser model and painted it up, and we futzed with the old laser scenario to make it work better for 3 players

The Scenario - Precious Cargo


Victory Conditions

Units begin in readiness and can come in from any board edge in your control zone

Optional Rules

House Rules in Use: Simultaneous CQ resolution. If you perform a CQ shooting attack, and the target has not fired their weapons that turn, you both roll damage against each other at the same time. Also Fast Movers can enter from any board edge.

The Forces



HQ – 255 + 95 (LVL 4 CMDR) = 350
 Proteus Mobile Command Post - 75
 6x Janus Scout Walker - 90
 6x Janus Scout Walker– 90

Frontline Battlegroup A&B – 210 x 2 = 420
 2 x Immortal Corps -60
 2 x Longreach Snipers -90
 2 x Triton Troopship  – 60

Armor Battlegroup – 455
 2 x Menchit w/ Styx Autocannon – 90
 4 x Enyo Heavy Walker –260
 3 x Neptune Dropship –105

Auxiliary – 220
 Athena Air Superiority FIgher w/ Cruise Missiles – 110
 Athena Air Superiority FIgher w/ Shooting Star Missiles – 110

Ty: I decided the game would be about volume of firepower, so I made a list of the PHR units that had the most E6/E7 shots per their points cost. So you get the Janus heavy list and the snipers.

The Shaltari


Tree: Collapsing buildings are a good way to wipeout my low wound inf bases, which is why I also went for long shot point denial

The Resistance


 Pizzaro + CV:2
 2x Sappers
 2x Sappers

The Grand Battery
 6x Artillery Wagons w/Golgotha Missiles
 6x Artillery Wagons w/Golgotha Missiles
 Leviathan w/4x AA Turrets

Bomber Wing
 Barrel Bomber w/AA Turret
 Barrel Bomber w/AA Turret

Air-Mobile Infantry
 2x Fighters in Jackson APC
 2x Fighters in Jackson APC
 2x Fighters in Jackson APC
 Lifthawk w/AA Turret

 6x Rocket Technicals in Kraken
 2x Hannibal w/HI-EX Rounds in Lifthawk w/AA Turret

Special Forces
 2x Marine Force Recon Vets in Swifthawk

Slyphic: It's a demo scenario, Resistance bread'n'butter. Still limiting myself to units I've painted, so no bomb buses, but otherwise exactly what I wanted to bring to the table. I'm of half a mind to swap the Pizzaro for an Alexander, but I can't afford to fly it on without cutting out things I care more about, so once again the Pizzasaurus wins by virtue of being cheaper and not slow as shit. Also taking just enough infantry to at least make my opponents work for the bunker points.

The Game


The city, pristine.


PHR set down a firebse early on, the Proteus screened by buildings, the whole overwatched by A-M Rifle packing Longreach Snipers.


Here you can see two common Shaltari formations, the mass gauss fire grav-tank echelon, and the 'storm cloud' of gates that defy you to fly anywhere near them. The cloud will go on to envelope and egulf and zap-zap choice units.


The Grand Battery of one-shot Golgotha Missile packin' Storm Wagons (nee Thunder Wagons), disembarked and readying to launch.


End of Turn 1, a few buildings downed already mostly from mass of regular weapons.


The most disappointing roll of the game. The Barrel Bomber Goliath bomb rolls a 1 to-hit and clunks into the side of the building doing literally nothing, despite flying through a tempest of Shaltari Gate Interference AA Reaction Fire.



The Storm Wagons having fired their single missle become traffic as they slowly drive off the board. At least they downed the PHR screening building, and one of their towers.


By end of game, the board was a barren wasteland. We really need rubble markers or tokens or something. It's on the to-do list, since the glowing vehicle wreck marker was largely a bust.

After Action Reports

Ty: Math whizzes among you will note that I am a good deal short of the point limit for this game. This was not intentional, I just got to the game venue and realized I had forgotten 2 Enyos which were intended to deploy with the HQ Battlegroup. I added some Commander levels to try to offset this, but the lack of PHR firepower was definitely felt throughout the game.

The principle going into the scenario was to calculate units which had the highest average Damage Per Points (DPP) spent when compared to a Armor 10 building. PHR units are, without exception, the most expensive in the game on the whole, so I felt I needed to be as efficient as possible. Certain units (Enyo and Athena) scored high as expected. Others (looking at you, Janus) were surprises.

Slyphic: Even when the dice are against them, the Resistance excels at demolition. It's a little sad how lackluster other armies dedicated demo units are compared to conventional weaponry, and an aspect of the game I find TTC has sadly fouled up in DZC 2e. Also, Collateral is still a great deal of faffing about for very little effect. I learned nothing new from this game, and the only move I'd perhaps make differently would be to better consider the matchup of MFR vets to Immortals which were slaughtered to a stand in a single volley, and if I had them painted bomb buses would have been an interesting addition.

Also, still loving the Deep Cut mat.