Holotank Upgrades for UCMF Commanders (Dial Replacements & Better Tokens)

Pimping the game with improvements to the default components and chits

Dropfleet Commander - UCMF Shipyards Commission New Heavy Ships

Finished the Battlecruisers and Battleship for Dropfleet UCM, and the San Fran bays I kinda forgot in my last batch

Dropfleet Battle Reports, UCM vs PHR, Beach Weekend

Beach Weekend Battles! Over a mini-vacation weekend at a friend's beach house, we found time for more games of Dropfleet.

DFC First Games & Thoughts

Pics and notes from the first in-person game, some immediate hot takes on rules and hobby

Dropfleet Houserules

Droplfeet houserules for v1.3 - Alternative Ground Combat Rules AKA Ravanar's Pendulum & Torpedo Bombardment

Dropfleet Commander - UCMF Takes Flight

Finished painting up my ~starter set of Dropfleet Commander UCM ships. Weather/Family/Work all aligned for some good photos of the finished fleet.