Dropfleet Commander - UCMF Takes Flight

2021-09-21 Dropfleet / UCM / Showcase /

Glamour shots of the finished fleet. I'd like to get a couple BC kits, one BB, maybe another starter for a few more cruiser/frigates, some corvettes, maybe some monitors, and then I'm not excited about the rest of the models so maybe that'll be it. Now to get some games in. And a bitchin' matt.

UCM Cruiser and Frigate fleet UCM Moscow Heavy Cruiser UCM Madrid Bombardment Cruiser UCM New Cairo Burnthrough Laser Light Cruiser UCM New Orleans Strike Carrier UCM Lima Detector Frigate UCM Jakarta Point Defense Frigate

Notes on the paint scheme, for my own future reference.

Airbrushed base coat of Army Painter Necromancer's Cloak (WP1443)
Pick out turret barrels, PD guns and circular protrusions in Vallejo Mecha Color Light Steel (69.064)
Paint a few accent panels in Army Painter Ash Grey (WP1117)
Pick out a few raised edges and small accents in Army Painter Uniform Grey (WP1118)
Black ink panel-lining wash (homemade) the whole model
Pick out last bank of white "windows" in plain white
Engine glow Vallejo Game Air Electric Blue (72.723) in a gradient mixed with plain white
Gloss cote to varnish
Ink wash the laser recesses with P3 Red Ink (PIP93013)
Lima detector pods in Army Painter Angel Green (WIP1112)