Heavy Gear Base Labels

2024-01-17 heavy gear / hobby /

There's some files for anyone that might be able to use them in the Downloads section.

A minor project, but one I think makes my models super cooler, was to design and print base labels in the old Heavy Gear font from the early books, Industria LT Std. It works really well on bases, as it's a tall skinny font. Yeah, you can't read them from across the table, but from arms distance you can still make them out, and held up they're nicely descriptive. Which is something I really want for running a game at Millennium Con in November.


The hex bases were dead simple with a little trial and error. The round bases were a lot more work. I don't know what I did wrong with my geometry still, but it never came out correctly angled. I ended up just brute force trial-and-error solving it (120mm outer diameter, 6mm wide (tall? deep?))


The South all got labeled as well, and the CEF GREL, but not the clear hovertank stands. I'm not sure I want them in the same style. A project for another day.