Heavy Gear - Gold Gear 2023

2024-01-18 heavy gear / hobby /

First time I've participated in a miniature painting competition, though none of these were done specifically for it. When it was announced I realized I had a piece for each category I was kinda proud of and thought what the hell, why not.

Three of my submissions I've already posted about, and these were the best pictures I managed to take of them after a few attempts. The Hydra and the Vulture both got Honorable Mentions (enough store credit for some Anolises and Iguanas) for best Mini and Duelist. The CEF didn't place for best Group, but the torn up look was a long shot. The Pod seems to like cleaner minis. description description description

Custom Utopia Armiger Preview

I'm still working on the full army of them, but I did fairly extensive modifications to the Utopians. This was the best of the lot that I've got painted up so far. I'll do a larger post when I've finished them detailing the model changes and paint choices, but in short, I wanted to paint something deliberately brighter than anything I've done before, in an almost comic book style. I like how they're going, and it's going to be a rad looking force when done, though god knows when that'll be.