Heavy Gear: Millennium Con Scenario, First Test

Headline: CEF Obliterated, NuCoal Liberates Prisoners

Heavy Gear: CEF GREL Infantry

The last part of my CEF force is complete, the GREL infantry. A full platoon of 7ft tall vat-grown purple clone soldiers.

Heavy Gear: CEF Hovertanks

I tried something novel for painting my CEF hovertanks, and though it didn't work as intended, I think I pivoted and wound up with something I'd be happy to bring to the table.

Desert Terrain and Heavy Gear Battle Report

A good table is more than half of a good wargame. I've been busy.

Heavy Gear: Black Talon Taskforce Finished

I finally finished my Black Talon force for Heavy Gear Blitz. A showcase of the models.

Heavy Gear Upate: New South Units, Battle Reports

Finished painting some new Southern Heavy Gear units, played a few games of the same since last I posted; a summary.

Battle Report: Southern Republican Army vs NuCoalition 2022-12-31

Squeezed in a 150tv game of Heavy Gear Blitz in the waining hours of 2022, though we accidentally played it with older v2 scenarios. It went... very poorly for me.

Heavy Gear Southern Army Expansion

Year's end and I'm making some surprising last minute progress on a number of fronts.

MillenniumCon 2022 After Action Report

My second year at MillenniumCon, a mostly-historical mostly-miniatures mostly-wargames convention in my metro area. 7 different games in 2 and a third days, ranging from spaceships to Napoleonics to zombie survival to ACW brown water naval action. Much fun was had, many pics and notes within.

Summer Hibernation

I've gotten behind as blogs are want to do, and it's only partially excused by a breakneck work schedule me and missus have been laboring under combined with my own procrastination. I've scrapped like 3 partially written articles and I'm just going to do a big summary of it all and move forward.