Review - Dystopian Wars, 3rd Edition

I bought a fleet and have played slightly more than half a dozen games against slightly less than half a dozen people. I feel like I have a good enough grasp of its strengths and weaknesses now to write about it.

Dystopian Wars Arctic Naval Terrain

I've been playing a bit of Dystopian Wars, the new 3rd edition from Warcradle, lately and decided our tables needed some better purpose built terrain.

Odds & Ends March '24

A roundup of various projects I'm nowhere near ready to write up as finished but I want to get thoughts and notes down and pics up

Summer Hibernation

I've gotten behind as blogs are want to do, and it's only partially excused by a breakneck work schedule me and missus have been laboring under combined with my own procrastination. I've scrapped like 3 partially written articles and I'm just going to do a big summary of it all and move forward.