Review - Dystopian Wars, 3rd Edition

I bought a fleet and have played slightly more than half a dozen games against slightly less than half a dozen people. I feel like I have a good enough grasp of its strengths and weaknesses now to write about it.

Dystopian Wars Arctic Naval Terrain

I've been playing a bit of Dystopian Wars, the new 3rd edition from Warcradle, lately and decided our tables needed some better purpose built terrain.

Odds & Ends March '24

A roundup of various projects I'm nowhere near ready to write up as finished but I want to get thoughts and notes down and pics up

Battle Report in Brief - Dropzone in the Desert

I've been meaning to try Dropzone Commander in a non-urban environment for a while, and we also hadn't played in close to a year, but also time constraints; so a brief report for a small fast game.

Heavy Gear - Gold Gear 2023

I entered the Dream Pod 9 'Golden Gear' painting competition this year and though I didn't win I got some Honorable Mentions, which was pretty nifty.

Heavy Gear Base Labels

I designed some nifty printable base labels for my Heavy Gear models

Battle Report: Black Talons vs NuCoal 2024-01-13

A straightforward urban fight between two elite mech armies

Bow Wave of the Kraken

I played the first three missions of the Wake of the Kraken Campaign with Dr. Tree. I think we broke it.

Renegade Legion Leviathan, an Analysis and Suggested Corrections

Renegade Legion Leviathan is a 1989 FASA game of capital ship combat. I dive deep into the rules and try to make sense of it all, making notes along the way on what would have probably been modified if it had seen a second edition.

Heavy Gear: Millennium Con Scenario, First Test

Headline: CEF Obliterated, NuCoal Liberates Prisoners