Battle Report in Brief - Dropzone in the Desert

I've been meaning to try Dropzone Commander in a non-urban environment for a while, and we also hadn't played in close to a year, but also time constraints; so a brief report for a small fast game.

~10mm SF Miniature Lines Scale Comparison: Completed

10mm SF is the middle child of the non-28s, neither as prevalent as 6 or 15. But, it's not unheard of outside of the Drop games.

Behemoths Released, We Playtest Them First

It's been 3 years since the first teasers of Battle for Earth came out. 3 years of hints and glimpses and rumors and 'leaks'. 3 years of time to playtest, refine, tweak, balance, improve, and optimize designs. Let's see what TTCombat can produce with 3 years.

Battle Report, Resistance vs PHR vs Shaltari, 1500pt, 'Orbital Laser'

Much procrastination but eventually, the write up though mostly pictures of a Demolition centric 3p scenario involving the Aegis Defense Laser model.

Battle Report, Scourge vs PHR vs Shaltari, 1250pt, 'Defend the Bunker'

We play an asymmetric 3-way assault on a defended position

Dropzone Commander Mat Review - Deep Cut Studios VS Table War

There's only two options for '10mm urban city' game mats for Dropzone I can find, so lets do a side by side review of them

Battle Report, Resistance vs PHR vs Shaltari, 1250pt, 'Precious Cargo'

We play an asymmetric 3-way stage coach heist

Battle Report, Scourge vs PHR vs Shaltari, 1500pt Data Extraction

Trying something oddball with the scenario, just to shake things up, as well as a lot of rarely seen units. Which we proceed to smash into one another.

Holiday 2021 Battle Roundup

I've gotten very little hobby work done over the extended holiday season, though I've gotten a few games in with my usual gaming friends. One post to catch them all up.

New Dropzone Standard Armor Units, Jan 2022

A bevy of new Standard Armor units and others for every faction. But a mixed bag of great ideas and poor execution. Details further in.