Dropzone Commander Mat Review - Deep Cut Studios VS Table War

There's only two options for '10mm urban city' game mats for Dropzone I can find, so lets do a side by side review of them

Battle Report, Resistance vs PHR vs Shaltari, 1250pt, 'Precious Cargo'

We play an asymmetric 3-way stage coach heist

Battle Report, Scourge vs PHR vs Shaltari, 1500pt Data Extraction

Trying something oddball with the scenario, just to shake things up, as well as a lot of rarely seen units. Which we proceed to smash into one another.

Holiday 2021 Battle Roundup

I've gotten very little hobby work done over the extended holiday season, though I've gotten a few games in with my usual gaming friends. One post to catch them all up.

New Dropzone Standard Armor Units, Jan 2022

A bevy of new Standard Armor units and others for every faction. But a mixed bag of great ideas and poor execution. Details further in.

DFC First Games & Thoughts

Pics and notes from the first in-person game, some immediate hot takes on rules and hobby

Reflection on Millennium-Con 2021

I attended Millennium-Con in Round Rock Texas last weekend and played a wide variety of games I hadn't before, or in a great many year. I came away from each of them with some thoughts on game design in general, and how they relate to the state and future of the Drop games.

Dropfleet Houserules

Droplfeet houserules for v1.3 - Alternative Ground Combat Rules AKA Ravanar's Pendulum & Torpedo Bombardment

Airstrikes & Intercepts for Dropzone v2.x

Rules and Stats compatible with the current edition to make use of the Beta Airstrike mechanic, which is vastly more fun and interesting and strategic than the current 'Fast' Rule.

Battle Report - Resistance vs Shaltari, Targets of Opportunity with Corner Deployment, 1250pts

An account of a recent game wherein Kukri delete an entire platoon of Resistance Fighters and humanity's day never improves